9+1 Practical tips for the home

9+1 Practical tips for the home

Tips that loosen your hands and more!

The faucet is clogged, the kettle is full of salts, the cupboards are full of moths, flies come and go...

You no longer need to run to the supermarket to buy a product for every problem you have to deal with and much more packaging that destroys the environment. No more repellent sprays, artificial fragrances or any other chemicals.

We searched and found the most incredible practical and ecological solutions for every home! With simple materials, everyday.

  • Salts in the kettle

You can remove salts from your kettle with vinegar. However, if you keep a shell inside the kettle, then the salts will stick to the shell and not to the kettle.

  • Cactus thorns

Cacti are difficult to handle. If, despite any precautions you take, you are pierced by their thorns on your fingers, there is certainly a solution by using eyebrow tweezers. However, there is also a solution using a candle. So let the melted wax drip on the wound and immediately put cold water on it to stabilise the candle. Then pull the candle off. This will remove even the smallest thorns that are not visible to the naked eye.

  • No more cramps

If you suffer from cramps then we have an ancient solution used by our ancestors. At night when we go to bed we place a magnet under the mattress.


  • Get rid of rust

When the blade of a knife or some other metal object becomes rusty, rub it with half an onion sprinkled with sugar all over the metal surface. Leave it for a while and then rub the area with wire for pots.

  • Get rid of unpleasant odours

Do not throw away the coffee grounds, as it is known to remove odours from the pipes. Just throw two tablespoons in the sink and let plenty of water run until the coffee and the unpleasant odours disappear completely.

  • Antimoths
Of course, antimoths sold on the market are chemical compounds and have unpleasant effects on the environment. Instead, however, you can place in the cupboards and drawers, in a piece of tulle a few cloves.The moth needs them and your clothes will have a wonderful scent.
  • Removes flies

Light green and blue repel flies.They also hate the smell of boiled vinegar.

  • To magnetize the dust

Dip your duster into a mixture of water and an equal amount of glycerin Squeeze and let it dry. Now, it will literally magnetize the dust from your furniture by polishing it in one go.


  • Extra Tip: The right key

Do some of your keys look alike? To identify them at a glance, then, put a drop of nail polish of a different colour on each so it will stand out.