Protaras... 3+1 quiet beaches you will love!

Protaras... 3+1 quiet beaches you will love!

Kapparis, Perneras, Protaras, Paralimni, Famagusta

Protaras... 3 +1 Quiet beaches you will love! 
Kapparis, Pernera, Protaras, Paralimni, Famagusta.

If you love the sea, but you are not the type of person who likes overcrowding beaches, then this article will “save” you this summer.

Protaras is one of the most important tourist resorts in Cyprus. It is a quiet place, so it is known as “the best family destination” for tourists in Cyprus.

Every summer Protaras beaches are crowded by thousands of locals and tourists who want to enjoy the crystal blue waters, the sandy beaches and the hot sun of Cyprus.

But what about those who don’t like the overcrowding places and mainstreaming beaches? Well, I searched and I highly recommend you 3 plus 1 “Quiet beaches worth visiting”!

1. “Armimopigado”

Let’s start from the most isolated and unknown one, “Armiropigado” also known as the “The Scouts Beach”.

“Armiropigado” is located at the most remote corner of Protaras, since it is the last beach before the buffer zone and the closest to the occupied territory. It is located at “Kapparis” Avenue, at the end of “Lefkados” Street. When you turn right following the road (which narrows and becomes dirt-road) you will reach the beach parking. In front of you will be the beach, while on your right hand you will see the scouts’ camp. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, cots and toilets, all offer by the Paralimni Commune. Of course, everyone can get their own "equipment” (your own umbrella, sea mat, etc). Also in the place you can find a canteen and the famous “pagotaris” (ice cream salesman) passing through!

2. “MMAD Beach”

You will be on the parallel road of “The Scouts' Beach”. At Kapparis Avenue turn right (before "Amore Hotel Apartments", as soon as you see the "Faliros Reastaurant" on your left hand and the "Twilight Bar" on your right). There is a sign that can guide you. The “MMAD beach” is the best alternative for those who prefer relaxing and quiet places away from the crowded mainstream beaches of Protaras.

It is also equipped with cots, umbrellas and toilets. Up on the top of the hill which “hides” the beach, there is a large café – canteen for a snack, dessert or a refreshing drink.

2. +1... “The Secret beach”

As you continue from the parking lot of the “MMAD beach” on a dirt-road (with a spectacular view to your left hand) over the hill that "hides" the beach, you will reach a "secret beach", which’s name I have not discovered. This "hidden" beach is a small bay with high rocks. Many people go up on the rocks for fishing and others sunbathe around them.

3. “Malama” Beach

“Malama” beach is one of the most peaceful and calm beaches of the area. There you can relax and if you like water-sports, you can do it there. You will find it by passing the "Zorbas" roundabout in about 200-300 meters on the 1st turn you will find to the right of the street (opposite the "Best Value" supermarket). You will proceed until you see the white & blue houses and you will arrive at the parking lot. There you will find a mobile canteen. The beach offers sun beds and umbrellas. Finally, there are many plants and trees behind the sun beds combining the beautiful green with the blue waters, giving a precious view to everyone who goes there.

I wish you will enjoy your excursions this summer!

P.S: Do not forget to take a lot of pictures, because the view from every single of those beaches is unique! 

Here are some of the pictures i've took!! 

Protaras... 3+1 quiet beaches you will love!