Quarantine through the eyes of young people

Quarantine through the eyes of young people


Friday 13/11/2020

The unprecedented state of quarantine due to Pandemic is for the whole world an event that brings psychological discomfort, fatigue and takes us out of the daily life we ​​had before this state.

But what happens when you restrict a young person who has just reached adulthood?

There will be psychological costs for everyone, but in the case of these ages we expect to see more extreme reactions and behaviors during quarantine.

Young people are more likely to experience irritability and increased stress, escape tendencies and outbursts, outbursts have been observed to be more intense during incarceration, and if they smoke they will increase it. It will act as an aid to those aiming to suppress their stress.

We all know that young adults tend to go out often to have fun with other peers. This is another loss for them now because they have been suddenly deprived of the freedom to do as before.

Through several researches conducted on the effect of quarantine on the Psychology of young adults we saw the beginning of substance use but also suicide attempts and generally increased suicidal ideation.

This means that young people who have some characteristics of depression and other difficulties are triggered and come to the surface in a way that people are even more uncomfortable, because there is incarceration and their mental state is against them. This is a mechanism that occurs in all people regardless of age.

After the quarantine, the young people seemed to find it difficult to adapt to the new situation and generally find it difficult to enter the flow of everyday life. To emphasize that the difficulty of managing the situation brings difficulty in managing emotions.

One could say that people lost themselves.

Quarantine is a multiple loss and a complicated mourning for all ages.

It takes time to re-integrate into everyday life when we are released from quarantine, not only for young adults but for all of us without exception.

Strong psychology and strong immune system for everyone!