Return to the Parent's House

Return to the Parent's House

Nightmare on the road with the parents?

They are called the 'boomerang generation' and they are young adults who left their parents' homes to live on their own but due to financial problems were forced to return.

The difficult return to the homeland, for some it seems ideal, for others impossible and some consider that they simply compromise, because unfortunately they cannot do anything else.

Even if you are close to your parents, going back can be difficult. The habit of freedom away from your parents and the independence you have is suddenly replaced by a feeling of stress, oppression and a return to the 'old days'. At first, you feel like a guest, like a visitor who came for a while and then will leave again.

The reasons are mainly economic as a large part of young workers cannot cope with the high cost of living even if they receive financial support from their parents. Also, work problems such as job loss as well as unrealistic expectations since many young adults find it difficult to adapt to the demands of society as a result of which they become disillusioned and lead to resignation. Added to the above is the housing crisis since rent prices have skyrocketed and buying a house seems utopian with the only solutions being cohabitation or returning to the family home.

The way the return to the paternal home will affect mental health varies. A very important role is played by the relationship with our parents and the reasons why we make this decision. For example, if we have no other choice it will make us feel very different than if we want, in this way, to save money for our studies or for a big career move. In any case, it is important that our parents respect these reasons and offer us support – rather than making us feel a burden or telling us that they feel lonely when we are not there.

In conclusion, if we try to make the most of the time we will be back in our home country without feeling stagnant and maintaining confidence in ourselves and our optimism, knowing that those around us think the same way, it will help us a lot .