Poetry touches the soul of every reader in a magical way - Author Anastasiou Maria

Today I will present to you my first book in the field of poetry ''THE WISH OF HOPE'' and on the occasion get to know me better.

My name is Maria Anastasiou and I was born in Limassol in August 1991, from an early age I learned to read books and listen to classical music. Later, after finishing school, I studied classical piano & Digital Marketing in Sofia, Bulgaria. There I gave my first piano recitals and met remarkable musicians and writers who gave me many resources to develop first as a personality and then as an artist. I have attended various personal self-improvement and psychology seminars abroad.

My spare time activities are watching theater performances, listening to music, playing the piano, reading books, and attending classical music & opera concerts.

My goal in writing books is to create my styles & rules as Mozart did in music because art is limitless without limits.

A few words about the book "THE WISH OF HOPE":

It is an integral part of my soul where the poems are intertwined with feelings and experiences that clash with my imagination and perfectly paint the beautiful images and messages that make the reader travel in the world of poetry with some phrases repeating and that is where the charm of the book begins.
Nowadays, the only thing that everyone needs, is undoubted "The Wish of Ηope to be able to continue life with optimism, a smile and enjoy everything beautiful that life has to offer!"
The book "The Wish of Hope" is available in print in Greek by contacting me via Facebook & in English in e-book format on amazon