Delicious Cypriot and international cuisine you must try!

Delicious Cypriot and international cuisine you must try!

By 3 brothers specialised in catering

Discover a welcoming and warm atmosphere, with flavours and aromas from local and international cuisine at Anatolia family restaurant.

It is located in Protaras and every summer it becomes a magnet for locals and tourists looking for great taste, high quality and good prices.

A restaurant full of passion and love for good food. This can also be seen in the 3 brothers who own and work there.

They will welcome you with a smile, they will serve you in the best way, they will see that you have the best time possible and of course you will be happy with the quality of their food.

The Chef, one of the brothers, attaches great importance to quality ingredients, taste and cleanliness. All purchases for the preparation of the food are made with the best ingredients and his personal care. The food is always made with lots of love and the portions are big and filling.

Must try!
It is worth trying their steaks, especially their Pepper steak and their seafood platters.

An excellent choice for traditional food are the koupepia as well as the kleftiko.

We also suggest you try the lava cake or crepes with coffee, they are delicious!

Whatever you choose you will surely be surprised by the explosions of flavours that will make your palate go crazy.

Anatolia Restaurant has created, for years, its own special history in the field of catering and has won the love of the world.

It is one of the restaurants that you can rightly call a family-run restaurant. 

(23831533) 331 Kavo Greko Avenue, Protaras
Instagram: Anatolia Restaurant Protaras