Solo travelling

Solo travelling

Trend or lifestyle?

In recent years more and more people of all ages and genders are deciding to travel alone, or are they not so alone after all?

A few decades ago it was very rare for someone to travel alone and the reasons were many but a very important one was society. What will others say, what will they think and ultimately what opinion will they form? Over the years, many taboos have been overcome (or at least they are not so strong) and travelers have decided to make the first move, to book tickets.

When you travel alone you plan your trip as you want, without compromises, oppression and forced concessions. Solo traveling is a means of socializing, especially if you are not very outgoing, as there are sure to be other travelers out there who may be looking for company during their trip. You transform from a tourist to a traveler who discovers new places, people and cultures. It's probably the best way to get out of your comfort zone and overcome some big fears like loneliness. So think about it, every time you travel with a group, is it really the right group? Do you have the same interests and desires during the trip?

An inhibiting factor is the fear of something happening and if it happens why you think that you won't be able to deal with it? It's natural to think what if something happens to you and you're alone but as humans we have a survival instinct and there's no doubt that we can deal with any situation that arises.

Of course there are those who cannot or are not able to travel alone, not because of responsibility or some phobia but mainly because of 'company'. In a solo travel your only company is yourself, at least initially, so it will be difficult to choose him if you don't like his company. So just as you wouldn't choose a bad company to travel with, why should you choose yourself if you don't like them or have a good time with them?

Most people who started traveling alone certainly had doubts and second thoughts but a large percentage adopted it as their main mode of travel. Only if you try it will you be able to choose whether or not this type of trip suits you. Solo traveling takes courage, boldness and determination. This is a step of personal development and growth. It is not just a trip, but a life experience that will help you become independent and realize that you are an explorer who needs to go out and discover the world around you.