Interview with the owner of Sonny's Restaurant in Pafos

Interview with the owner of Sonny's Restaurant in Pafos

Christos Petrou

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of Sonny's Restaurant, Mr. Christos Petrou. Read the interview below to find out more about his restaurant in Pafos.

1. Mr. Petrou, when was your restaurant established?
The Sonny's Restaurant has been operating since 2011.

2. What does your restaurant offer? 
Cypriot and International cuisine. Extremely good food, always freshly cooked with all the ingredients being local and fresh. Also, high quality professional service from our staff as well as maximum cleanliness.

3. Where is it located? 
We are located in Pafos, Kissonerga beach - Coral Bay.

4. What makes Sonny's Restaurant different? 
The fact of my continued presence in the restaurant and kitchen. I want everything to go through my control, as well as the process of preparing the kitchen. I cook the food myself and direct my staff to follow me on a daily basis. I trained them since the first day of operation and this continues to this day. Also, the amazing location of our restaurant. With a spectacular view of the Coral Bay from above and the magnificent sunset every day, it is well worth a visit. Even in the winter months, you can't overlook this spectacle when the sea is gloomy and this is accompanied by the warmth of our lovely fireplace.

5. Your Vision? 
Continue as we are and always satisfy our customers to the maximum.

Thank you very much Mr. Petrou and we wish you all the best. We are sure that people will be thrilled by your service and delicious food.