Interview with Mr. Dimitris Fournaris

Interview with Mr. Dimitris Fournaris

Co-owner of Yellow Cafe in Limassol

Cyprus Alive has spoken to the co-owner of Yellow Cafe, Mr. Dimitris Fournaris. Read the interview below and learn more about this unique restaurant in Limassol.

1. Mr. Dimitris, for how long has Yellow Cafe been operating?

Our restaurant has been open since 2012.

2. What we can eat in your restaurant?

At Yellow Café you can try various brunch dishes, such as scrambled eggs, smoked salmon bagel and brioche french toast, but also various main dishes such as burgers, souvlakia and macaroni.

3. Where we can find the Yellow Cafe?
We are on the coastal road of Limassol next to the park.

4. What makes Yellow Cafe stand out from others?

What makes our restaurant stand out is the combination of our delicious selection of dishes, its unique location, and the excellent service. We want to offer our customers a complete experience when they come to our restaurant.

Thank you very much, Mr. Dimitri, and we wish you the best. We are sure that people will be very pleased with your delicious food and your welcoming place.