Interview with Andros Varosiotis

Interview with Andros Varosiotis

Owner of The Brewery in Larnaka

Cyprus Alive spoke with the owner of The Brewery restaurant, Mr. Andros Varosiotis. Read the interview below to find out more about his wonderful restaurant in Larnaka.

1. Mr. Varosioti, when was your restaurant founded?
The Brewery has been operating since 2003.

2. What does your restaurant - cafe offer?
At The Brewery you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, wonderful cocktails, coffees, beers and more.

3. Where is it located?
The Brewery is located at Finikoudes, Larnaka.

4. What makes The Brewery stand out?
Its authenticity and its constant new creations. Everything is made by quality ingredients and we place great emphasis on healthy and vegan meals. Our cuisine serves traditional local dishes as well as meals from around the world, such as Morocco, Thailand, China and Mexico. The atmosphere in our cafe restaurant is friendly and the location is excellent.

5. Any future plans?
To continue to provide our customers with fresh, healthy and quality food but also to constantly create new flavours.

Thank you very much, Mr. Varosioti, and we wish you all the best. We are sure that people will be happy with your food, your drinks and your service.