The best photos of Lefkara Village on Instagram!

The best photos of Lefkara Village on Instagram!

Walking in the heart of Lefkara, between the stone houses and the narrow streets

Welcome to Lefkara!
The village of beauty and historical richness...

We searched for and found the best photos on Instagram by visitors from Cyprus and abroad, to convince you!

Walking in the heart of Lefkara, between the stone houses and the narrow streets that are adorned with flowers and coloured windows, makes you think that you are living in the past.

It is no coincidence that Lefkara is among the most picturesque villages in Europe ... and if you have not visited this beautiful village yet, we suggest a Sunday trip to get to know it and maybe next time you will find your photo between the best on Instagram!

Anastasia Lamskova Anastasia gave us a wonderful photo and we can say that her dress matches perfectly with the scenery, as if it came from another era!

diana_panteleeva Still a wonderful photo with such a beautiful dress that almost resembles a Lefkaritiko lace!

nikos_kaneti Very special photo and very correct timing! It remarkably captures the liveliness of the village!

Nanoushe Lacosta As a child of flowers born in another era, Nanoushe gave us one of the most beautiful pictures.

 iren_ok Iren, was impressed with the image of the flowers that adorn the village around ... we are inspired the same!

Natalie Christodoulidou The Lefkaritika fan was necessary to complete the concept! A photo that portrays all the meaning of the beauty of Lefkara

elkakononova Walking through the narrow streets you discover that in every corner something admirable waits for you ... surprise and admiration!

natali_melaeva and for those who catch the point, they perceive the romantic side of the village ... too In location for wedding photography!

MARINA ZHURAVLEVA a magnificent photo with a background of flowers and 'kolotzia', where our grandparents turned them into real artworks of the time!

Thekla Julianou ... and the famous embroidery of Lefkaritika aside you expect to admire them out of every shop ... and even if you are jealous you can buy them!

Yuliya M .... and if somewhere in the way you want to take a breath and coffee ... beautiful traditional coffee shops waiting to relax you.

АНЖЕЛИКА ЛИСС ...but don't sit for a long time ... because many other narrow streets are waiting to impress you with their beauty and maybe in one of them you will catch one of  your best photos in Instagram!

Joey Mai Van what are you waiting for? ... take your backpack and get ready for a trip!
This route will really be incredible!