The new talk of the town in Pafos
Wednesday 17/04/2024

The new talk of the town in Pafos

An excellent bakery that emphasizes the flavours of Italy

In the heart of Pafos, a cute little shop has opened that offers baked goods inspired by Italy.

La Colazione, means "breakfast" in Italian and it is not just a bakehouse. It is a celebration of the rich tradition of Italian pastries and culture.

Behind the idea of La Colazione is Antonia, a passionate young lady with a deep love for cooking.

Following her dream!
Antonia's culinary journey began long before La Colazione. From a young age she remembers herself spending hours in her father's kitchen.

Growing up, she studied Italian philosophy in Italy, where she immersed himself in a culture where food is not just a necessity but a way of life.

During her student years she spent countless hours observing and cooking with her Italian friends, absorbing their techniques.

After finishing her studies and pursuing a master's degree, her passion for cooking continued to burn brightly.

Determined to follow her passion and share the flavours of Italy, she decided to open her own shop: La Colazione, in her home town of Pafos. It's goal is to become a place where everyone can enjoy delicacies inspired by the Italian tradition.

A taste of La Dolce Vita!
As soon as you enter La Colazione, the aroma of freshly baked pastries wafts through the air. The space is small, beautiful and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

We suggest you try the bakeries must haves: Delicious Cinnamon rolls, Almond buns and crispy Focaccia with pesto and mozzarella.

You will also enjoy a range of delicious, savoury preparations and snacks. Fluffy Croissants, various yogurts, salads, sandwiches, fresh juices, aromatic coffee, banana overnight oats (which is fermented from the previous night) and much more.

La Colazione can comfortably become your hangout for a quick snack and coffee to start your day well. You can sit at one of its cute tables, get take away or order delivery from Wolt.

Scholastic devotion to preparation!
What sets La Colazione apart is not only the delicious concoctions it offers, but the passion and dedication that goes into every aspect of the experience.

Antonia's commitment to excellence is unwavering, evident in her daily routine that begins long before the sun rises. Starting preparations and baking as early as 5am, she meticulously prepares each product, ensuring that every bite is filled with love and deliciousness.

Antonia and La Colazione are a reminder to follow our dreams.

So, visit it and indulge in the pleasures of the food and aromatic coffee!

Buon appetito!

(94 000414) Filippou Loizou, 8011, Pafos
Facebook: La Colazione 
Instagram: @colazione_bakehouse
Working Hours: 07:00 - 16:30