What not to do on the plane

What not to do on the plane

On August 21, 2015, a Chinese woman was banned from boarding a plane from Beijing to Wenzhou in China. That lady had a $190 Remy Martin XO Excellence brandy with her and couldn't take it on the plane. So she decided to drink it all instead of letting it go. When travelling by plane there are some things to avoid in order to avoid problems.

What to look out for on a plane:
•    Alcohol

Let's start with alcohol! If alcoholic beverages are served during the flight, it doesn't mean that you should drink whatever you want. Remember that there are some people who may not like alcohol as much as those who drink heavily.

•     Never use both handles on your seat. 

It may be convenient for you, but you should also respect the personal space of other passengers.

•    Chatting

 A gentle chat with your neighbour is acceptable.
 Keep in mind, however, that he may prefer to travel quietly and have no appetite for conversation. If you find that he is absorbed in reading or listening to music, leave him alone and do not talk to him.

•    The reclining seats 

The reclining seats are for your comfort, but that doesn't mean you can tilt them back as much as you want. You have to be very careful if a child or a tall passenger sits behind you.

•    Next to the window
If you have a seat next to the window, then getting up to go to the bathroom will annoy the passenger sitting next to you. It would be preferable to go to the toilet before boarding the plane. And if you are one of those who cannot be detained choose to sit on the aisle seat so as not to disturb anyone.

•    Children

Travelling with children is a small adventure. If you have a baby, make sure you feed it well before the flight. A crying baby is not the best scenario for most passengers. If your child also tends to run in the aisle of the plane, you should explain to your child before boarding that they should behave properly. A small bribe can produce miracles sometimes.

•    Aisle seat

When sitting in the aisle seat you should be careful with your elbows and feet. Do not take them out of the aisle as this may interfere with staff and passengers. You may even get injured. 

•    Crew staff
A cabin crew is trained to take care of you in the best possible way. Always be kind to them and show that you appreciate their efforts. Be careful not to disturb them for no reason. It is unacceptable.

•    Group travelling

If you are travelling in groups, especially if you are travelling or returning from your dream country, try not to shout and make a lot of noise. You speak quietly so as not to disturb other passengers.

•    Movies
Airplane travelling is sometimes very tiring. For this reason, passengers choose to watch a movie or listen to music. Make sure the sound is not loud because your passenger may not have the same taste as you.

•    Storage

Be sure to store your luggage in the glove box just above your seat. Using anyone elses space is extremely rude.
What we mentioned earlier only applies if you have taken with you the size of luggage allowed. Do not carry all your belongings with you on the plane as you will find it difficult to carry and store them.

•    Emergency button

The button to call the hostess must be used after consideration. If you see that the stewardess is busy serving meals, press the button only if it is absolutely necessary.

•     Disembarkation
No one likes to see passengers being pushed forward to land after landing. Let those near the exit go down first, and follow them after.