Workout at the comfort of your house

Workout at the comfort of your house

Quarantine at home? Lift your spirit through exercising!

Wednesday 18/03/2020

All of Europe is in a state of emergency with the coronavirus pandemic and the increased of new outbreaks daily, and in order to facilitate the slowdown in the spread of the virus most of ther countriew have been "quarantined".

This situation has frightened many and they are worry about their health and the health of friends and family. on the other hand, they are those that have been outraged because they cannot move freely and continue their lives at the pace they are accustomed to and enjoy the activities they love, and others are simply overwhelmed by inactivity.

In whichever group of people you belong to, we recommend that you exercise at home, because exercise keeps you in good shape, but at the same time can boost your mood, as it is well known that exercice produces endorphins that are related with serotonin, and it creates a sense of release in the body by soothing stress or anger, helping the mind to calm as it relaxes the muscles.

Below you will find a link to a video I made with a home exercise program.

The workout consists of 3 parts.

Part :1 3 rounds mobility

10 cat and cow

10 Sumo squat with rotation

10 Rev. Lunge with reach

Part 2: Stability 3 rounds Work 45'' Rest 15'' between exercises Total:15 min

Shoulder taps

Side plank right side

Side plank left side

Single leg bridge Right leg up

Single leg bridge Left leg up

Part 3: Conditioning 4 rounds unbroken

10 Inchworm with rotation

10 Squat jumps

10 Push ups

20 criss cross alternating

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