"World's First Dynamic Shooting BEACH Competition"!

"World's First Dynamic Shooting BEACH Competition"!

On Sunday 5th of August 2018, in Moni Fishing Shelter (Limassol).

For the First time in the world the “BEACH DYNAMIC SHOOTING COMPETITION” is taking place on Sunday 5th of August 2018 in MONI FISHING SHELTER-Limassol, Cyprus!
Everyone can participate in this contest, friends, family and challenge other on this exclusive shooting extravaganza .''ONE SHOOTER - 8 STAGES - 200 SHOTS''

The task of each shooter and TEAM'S is to show the best result. Competitions will be held on a specially equipped territory straight at BEACH, the shooters will have to hit metal - paper targets at a short distance. The winner will be determined by the largest number of downed targets in the least amount of time.
Choose your option to participate in the tournament in 3 categories: boys and girls under 16, as well as men and women over 16, TEAM'S.

The participation fee is 25 EUR.
Preliminary training fee 10 EUR per hour.

Winners and awardees of competitions as always will receive valuable prizes from organizers!
So far, many companies have booked a place to the competition. With few days remaining for the registration window to close, more companies and people are already expected to submit their participations and make this competition packed full.
Don't miss out from this enjoyable activity.
We expect your large participation hopefully to make successful competition!!!

BOOK NOW and Get your Tickets by Fb: SniperGold or email us at: snipergoldlimassol@gmail.com 
More details at: 99201301 -96785922


  • 5th of August 2018
  • Moni Fishing Shelter (Limassol)
  • Time: 10:00-18:00