4th Wine Festival in Stroumbi

4th Wine Festival in Stroumbi

Travel to the magical world of wine

Two delightful evenings full of wine, flavors and music will take place on Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th at the Kamanderena winery in Stroumbi.

Attendees will be able to enjoy plenty of wine completely free of charge, as well as a rich buffet with only 8 Euros per person.

All this will happen at the 4th Pafos Wine and Traditional Product Festival, which will open its gates at the Kamanderena Winery of SODAP, in Stroumbi. The festival will be accompanied by live music.
The first night a Traditional Cypriot Band, with Michalis Hatzimichael and André Karantonis will entertain us.
On Saturday, August 4th, the popular Greek singer Eleni Hatzidou and the Cypriot singer Kypros Charilaou will take us to the world of music and entertainment.

"The wine comforts the sad, rejuvenates the elders, inspires the young, makes the tired to forget his labor." Lord Byron

The village of Stroumbi is located on the Pafos-Polis Chrysochous road and is approximately 15 km from the Pafos Municipality. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in the district of Pafos and one of the largest wine-producing villages in Cyprus.

The old location of the village was about one kilometer north of the current settlement. The village was almost completely destroyed by the great earthquakes that hit Pafos in 1953. The old village was abandoned and its inhabitants moved to today's settlement built in a safer place.

According to tradition, Strumbi took its name from the place where the old village was built, which was located in a sculpture. A second version states that the village belonged to someone called Strumbis. Strumbis meant short and fat man.

The area is famous for its vineyards since ancient times and therefore its inhabitants are engaged in viticulture. Various varieties of grapes are grown, and it is not random that the inhabitants have established since 1982 their annual festival called "Dionysia", in honor of the ancient Greek god Dionysus.

The festival annually marks a huge success, giving both foreigners and locals the opportunity to experience the taste of quality wine.