5 Foods To Boost your Immune System this Flu Season

5 Foods To Boost your Immune System this Flu Season

Are you tired of getting sick? It is time to fight the flu just by adding some foods to your diet!

It is flu season and it is very usual to get sick and maybe more than once, so here are some foods that can help your immune system and prevent you from getting sick.

The foods that help are the following:

Citrus Fruit (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines):

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals, which help you to get rid of the flu and from the coughing that stays for a long time. Citrus fruits are also full of fiber, which kills the bacteria in your gut and improves the health of your digestive system, which protects your body from harmful pathogens and bacteria. Citrus fruits contain these and many other things that help you with your health.  It is great that is flu season and also citrus season!


Ginger is full of antioxidants that can help fight off inflammation. There isn’t much evidence that it has flu-fighting properties, but a 2013 confirmed that it has antiviral activity against a specific human respiratory virus. Beside this ginger helps with the symptoms of nausea, arthritis, and even improve cardiovascular health.

Ginger can be added to your tea, you can grate it into your carrot soup, or you can ask for extras when you go to eat sushi!


Garlic reduces risk of heart disease and prevents dementia. Garlic is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and it has antioxidant immune-boosting properties. Garlic also kills the bacteria.

Garlic can be added to your food as garlic grate. Garlic is being used often for aromatic purposes!

Bone Broth:

Bone broth is high in protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is full of collagen and it helps with leaky gut syndrome and inflammation.

They still did not finish with the researches so it may not benefit everyone in the same way, but eating it can only do you good.

Medicinal Mushrooms:

The specific mushrooms are extremely beneficial for your health.  These mushrooms contain Reishi, which is very healthy, Chaga, which lowers the inflammation and balances out blood sugar to cancer prevention!  They also contain Lion’s Mane, which it has brain-boosting benefits, Cordyceps, which has powerful therapeutic and performance-boosting properties and Turkey Tail, which has substantial immune-boosting benefits.

So by adding these to your diet, including getting enough sleep, taking rest days and exercising you can fight the flu!

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