7 phrases we need to say often to our children

7 phrases we need to say often to our children

They will give us significant help

As parents we want our children to grow up in the right contexts and solid foundations. That is why we should pay special attention to even the small everyday things that many of us are unaware of!

These things are just a few phrases that we need to use every day, thus helping our child to develop various abilities, virtues, skills and faith in what he does that he will be able to achieve. Phrases that on the one hand raise their morale and on the other teach them how to behave properly, critical thinking, what is right and what is wrong.

And all this subconsciously!

So let's go see these 7 miraculous phrases.

- I'm by your side!

Sometimes we feel that our child wants to hide something from us, emotionally or otherwise. By saying this phrase to our child we seek to relax our child, to show confidence in him and to strengthen our interpersonal relationship with him, so that we receive the same trust from the child and maybe he reveals his secret to us!

In this way we help the child to develop relationships of trust as well as self-confidence.

- Do not worry, everything will be fixed!
In the difficult days we are going through, those of confinement and distancing, children suffer much more.
Due to emergency measures imposed by governments, successive lockdowns, children do not have the opportunity to play in playgrounds, socialize, excursions and other activities of relaxation and experience. That is why the above phrase is a must.
Not only for the children to hear it but much more for us. These words help us to see the future with optimism, to draw strength as well as to understand the child and to establish that he has to manage difficult situations on his own, to make the right decisions and to be able to face difficult situations that he will face in the future. of. For starters learn to deal with any loneliness that may exist and be facilitated in patience.
- Thank you for helping me!
You ask him for help and he runs to untie your hands.
The question is not whether he will be able to help you or in the end he will not be able to do anything but his good and innocent intention to help you. Unclearly and without consideration.
This phrase will help the child learn that this is also useful in something, even if we do not expect any substantial help. In this way we raise his sense of mutual help, cooperation and goodwill.
-I would not exchange you with anyone else!
What to comment on these words? Our child just feels unique.
-I believe in you!
According to experts, you do not need to say much to make your child gain the courage and strength to make a difficult decision. That alone is enough.
- I love you very much!
Do not forget to tell your child how much you love him. He wants to hear this magic phrase all the time. That is, mom and dad love the child unconditionally and without restrictions.
- Sorry!
A word station.
A word that if you really mean it when you say it to your child, it automatically understands your remorse, about a mistake you have made. The child at the same time learns the true meaning of the word "Sorry" and on the other hand instills in himself the good example. Admitting his mistakes, feeling remorse and trying not to repeat the same tricks, trying to get better every time.