A restaurant that will take you on a journey through Italy with every bite

A restaurant that will take you on a journey through Italy with every bite

Authentic pasta dishes and delicious pizzas

On the coastal road of Limassol there is a beautiful restaurant that highlights the authenticity and taste of Italy.

Bella Ciao welcomes us in its friendly atmosphere, to offer us flavours that really stand out.

Its menu offers a rich selection of authentic Italian cuisine and various dishes inspired by it.

Dominant but also popular dishes of Bella Ciao are pizzas and pasta, reminding us of Italy with every bite.

In addition to these, the menu offers salads, soups, delicious lasagna, hearty chicken dishes and more.

We couldn't help but start with the beloved Carbonara. The pasta mixed with the creamy sauce, with Parmesan cheese and fresh black pepper, took us straight to the narrow streets of Rome.

Continuing the culinary journey, we tried the Bella Ciao Speciality pasta dish with prawns. The sauce, rich in marine aromas, combines perfectly with the soft character of the prawns, creating a dish that stands out for its finesse.

As for the pizzas, the Pollo di Pesto we ordered surprised us with the combination of chicken and pesto. The dough was freshly baked and crispy, due to the fact that they knead it themselves.

The Margherita, a classic plain pizza, ended our visit to Bella Ciao in the most beautiful way. The tender combination of tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil on a perfect dough reminded us of Naples.

If you are in Limassol and want Italian food, keep in mind Bella Ciao.

We went, we tried it and we definitely recommend it!

(25587546) 28 October Ave 327, Limassol 3106
Facebook: Bella Ciao CY
Instagram: @bellaciao_cyprus