Monastery of Agia Thekla

Monastery of Agia Thekla

built by St. Helen...

The Holy Monastery of Agia Thekla is located about 500 meters south of the Mosfiloti village of Larnaka’s District and it is built in the middle of a small, verdant valley.
According to tradition, which is recorded by the English traveler William Turner in 1815, the monastery of Agia Thekla was built by St. Helen during her visit, the early 4th century AD, in Cyprus, so he founded the Monastery Stavrovouni.
According to the reports of the Archdiocese of Cyprus in the early 19th century it was a mans monastery and listed were the names of five monks, three of the Mosfiloti village, one of the Psevdas, and one for whom, place of origin is not mentioned.

The monastery was dissolved following the tragic events of July 1821, but at the end of the Turkish occupation, it worked in Synodikon of monastery, as a Greek school, which about fifty children from the villages Mosfiloti, Sia, Kornos, Pyrga, Psevdas and Agia Anna attended. The school continued to function until 1914, until the elementary school in Mosfiloti was founded.

In 1965, with the approval of Archbishop Makarios III, in the monastery of Agia Thekla, settled old calendar monks. These monks, in 1979, abandoned it to reopen it as a nunnery on November 9, 1991. The nuns that settled there were the sisters Constantia and Evlogia. Currently in the monastery there are ten nuns with Reverend Sister, Constance.

The Monastery of Agia Thekla is celebrated on September 24th and this is one of the biggest festivals of Cyprus.


 Monastery of Agia Thekla

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