Enjoy the magic and beauty of the sea

Enjoy the magic and beauty of the sea

Experience your next adventure, creating memories that will last

For those of you who are looking for something different, who like adventures and love the sea, we have the best option for you!

One-day boat trips in the enchanting and clear blue waters of Ayia Napa, Protaras and Larnaka!

A.A.K. Larnaca Napa Sea Cruises is a unique opportunity to discover the many iconic seascapes and enjoy the endless blue sea.

They have 38 years of experience in coastal cruising, a variety of cruises and a professional crew ready to show you our beautiful island from the sea, in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Our own experience!

The Cyprus Alive team has had the opportunity to travel on A.A.K. Larnaca Napa Sea Cruises twice.

The first time we chose to travel with Odyssey Boat Safari, where the experience was truly unforgettable – perfect for adventure lovers!

Starting from Larnaka, we visited the Zenobia Wreck, stopping there to swim next to one of the top 10 shipwrecks in the world. Continuing our journey, we admired the wonderful caves and stunning red rocks at Cape Pyla, the natural bridge of love and the fascinating pirate caves and of course we stopped for a swim in the deep blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. The Cypriot buffet at noon was also excellent. The total duration was about 5 hours.

The second time we chose to stay in Larnaka and cruise with Larnaca Bay Cruise. Our leisurely 2 hour cruise was wonderful. We gazed at the beautiful city of Zenon from the sea. We made two dive stops: at the Zenobia wreck and at Mackenzie Beach. It was a pleasant ride, which helped us relax while enjoying our drinks and the planes flew over our heads.

They were two wonderful experiences that we would definitely do again and again!

Of course, they have other cruise options, which you can find on their website. We have already put some on our list!

We strongly recommend that you travel on one of their cruises with your friends, children and your partner!