Bicycle road in Nicosia?

Bicycle road in Nicosia?

Of course we have! (Part L) - Lakatameia, Dhali and Ayios Dhometios

Bicycle and cycling has got a palce in Cypriot's lives again, as well as the tourists, since a lot of tourists in Cyprus use the bicycle for their transport or their trips, or they are coming for cycling tourism.

So, this group of articles was created to help everyone to use their bicycle in safe ways and organise their routes safety also.

Necessary note: The bus routes are mentioned indicatively. Bicycles on Cyprus' public transports are prohibited, unless they are folded.

Pedieos Linear Park (Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue - Ayiou Georgiou Avenue)
Constitutes the third part of the park and its offered for a trip into the trees, something who'll gonna make you believe that you ride to the countryside and not in a residential, semi-urban area. Three bus routes are passing by (115, 127, 211) and you can see it here on the map.

Yiannou Kranidioti street, Lakatameia
Parallel cycling street 1,4 Km long. A bus route passes from there (110) and i'ts here on the map.

Adonidos street, Dali
Parallel cycling path 850 meters long. A bus line passes by there (timetables of 409 and map) and you can check it here on the map.

Larnacos street, Dali
Parallel cycling street 900 meters long, whom which passes by a bus line (timetables of 409 and map) and you can see it here on the map.

Parthenonos street, Ayios Andreas
Parallel cycling path 500 meters long, whom where passes by a bus route (123) and you can find it here on the map.