Bicycle road in Nicosia? Or Larnaca?

Bicycle road in Nicosia? Or Larnaca?

Of course we have! (Part N) - Engomi, Strovolos, Klirou / Fikardou villages and Oroklini / Troulloi / Avdellero villages

As a cycling lover, I started this group of articles to share my passion, the spaces where we can use our bicycles, how we can get there, how we can solve any problems on the way and any other parameters of our mutual passion who is called cycling! We start with cycling streets, in groups of five.

Necessary note: Bus routes are mentioned indicatively. Bicycles in public transports of Cyprus are not allowed, unless they are foldable.

Ayias Paraskevis street to Georgiou Greva Digeni Avenue, Engomi
A complex of pedestrian, cycling, car and soil streets, whom total length is 1.5 kilometer, around of which are passing 7 bus routes (100, 126, 127, 211, 214, 215, 250) and it's here, here, here (approx.), here and here on the map.

Pedestrian streets' complex between Kykkos' High School and Engomi
A complex of pedestrian, cycling and car streets on the Kykkos' area on Engomi, between the streets of Michael Karaolis, Sinai, Ploutarchou and Ayiou Prokopiou, the school and the church of Kykkos, in a total length of 1650 meters. Around it passes 4 bus routes (100, 127, 215, 250) and you can see them here on the map.

Yiannou Kranidioti street, Strovolos
Parallel pedestrian and cycling street, of 280 meter's length, who ends or starts respectively, on the parking site of GSP sport multivenue. One bus route passes by there (106) and you can see it here on the map.

Klirou - Fikardou road
Car road with parallel use from bikes onto the nature, with a resting point to the orthodox church of Lagne's Virgin Mary, who starts of or drives to the village - monument of UNESCO, awarded by Europa Nostra, Fikardou. From it's ends passes two rural bus lines, to Kalo Chorio and to Pharmakas and you can see it here on the map. According to the writer's sure informations, a part of this road is used for the annual sport event "Klirou Atovrysi Running Challenge".

Voroklini - Avdellero Road
Another one motorway that is also used by bicycles, with a total length of 15.1 kilometers, which is also part of the E4 European Long Distance Path, who starts from Voroklini, passes by Troulloi and ends on Avdellero, with various points for rest or / and refreshment, as Ayios Mamas' Square. On the way three bus routes passing, one rural (timetables of 415 and maps) and two urban (timetables of 418 and maps, timetables of 419 and maps) and you can see them here and here on the map.