Holy Church of Panagia Theoskepasti in Pafos

Holy Church of Panagia Theoskepasti in Pafos

2 stories of how the name "God-Covered" church of the Virgin Mary came about

The Temple of Panagia Theoskepasti is built on a rock in Kato Pafos and offers a panoramic view of the area. It was built in 1926 in the remains of an older church.
The interior consists of a beautiful wood-carved icon screen with excellent art icons.

The most precious image of the church is that of Panagia of Theoskepastis, which, as the tradition says, is one of the icons painted by Apostle Luke.

Panagia Theoskepastis church owes its name to the divine cloud of fog that covered it when the Arabian ships approached the land, making it invisible. The cloud of fog saved the church from the pillage of the Arabs. After this marvelous event, the church was named Theoskepasti (covered by God), as it was saved from a certain destruction thanks to the protection of God. Photo: Ελένη Μιχαήλ

A second story related to the name of the church has to do with the invasion of the Turkish in 1571. Tradition says that the Turkish looted the surrounding area leaving the church intact. It is said that God covered the church with a dense tree to conceal it from them and save it. The tree still stands there today right next to the church and it is estimated to be 700 years old.

Below you see a panoramic video from Cyprus Aerial Activities: