Concert Stelios Dionisiou

Concert Stelios Dionisiou

Festival Adoneia 2018

Concert Stelios Dionisiou 
Festival Adoneia 2018 - Tribute to Stratos Dionisiou

Stelios Dionisiou with Stavros Konstantinou and the artists Elena Andreou, Marios Melekis and Anna Bilanidi, of musical form ASMATION, in a unique concert on 27 July, 20:30 soccer field "Adonis", Dali, Nicosia, which will be dedicated to the unforgettable Stratos Dionysiou, and they will perform unforgettable songs of his. A moving night dedicated to the great artist, known for the authenticity of his voice.

Stratos Dionysiou, was one of the greatest Greek pop singers. One of the "Holy Trinity" of the great folks of the 1960s: Kazantzidis-Bithikotsas-Dionysios.

He was born on November 8, 1935. His parents were refugees from Asia Minor. He grew up in Thessaloniki and was forced to work from a small age in several jobs. Before making his first appearance at the Faridas nightclub in Thessaloniki, he did what he found, a worker, a vendor and even a tailor. In 1955 he married his childhood love, Georgia Laveni, with whom he had four children: Angelos, Tasoula, Stelios and Diamantis.

When he was 22 years old, with the encouragement of his colleagues, he went to Athens. Keti Grey, already a big name among the artists, proposes to work together. And that was the beginning of his great career. Ηe began to make appearances at the famous music hall "Asteras", Kokkinias. He made his debute album with Christos Kolokotronis and Stavros Chatzidakis. His bass voice becomes recognisable. He signs with the music company "Columbia." He had sung more than 5.000 songs in his appearances with big success. 

He collaborated with great Greek composers like Akis Panou, Kaldaras, Repanis, Plessas, Soukas, Nikolopoulos, Mousafiris, Polikandriotis, Chrysovergis, Papabasileiou, and he had huge success with their songs. According to music researcher Panos Geramanis, he has interpreted more than 2.500 popular songs. His ten last disks became golden during the decade of '80s, the golden age of greek discography, and three of them became platinum (sales more than 100.000 copies). The big extent of his voice, his hoarseness, the possibility of change of his expression and style depending on the subject of song, were something unprecedented. The talent that made a particular impression to the authors of songs of Stratos, was his ability to record very fast their songs, with his own unique way. He was beggining to record from midday and till the afternoon he was finishing the whole album.

 He died in 11th May 1990. Iconic singer Stelios Kazantzidis said: "He was a big, popular singer. For thirty years he was a fighter of the classic and authentic popular greek songs, that he defended it dynamically, steadily and with consistency. The gap he leaves behind him, Stratos Dionisiou, that tireless worker of popular song, is irreplaceable".