Make a stop at this Petrol station in Ayia Napa

Make a stop at this Petrol station in Ayia Napa

Discover comfort and quality

In a world where convenience and reliability are very important, the petrol station we refer to in this article stands out.

Whether we're heading to work, a road trip or just going about our daily routines, the EKO Petrol station in Ayia Napa (Nikiforou. Bros) is there to serve us if we need it.

Excellent location
The team at EKO Ayia Napa understands the value of time, so they have strategically placed their station at the entrance of busy Ayia Napa, ensuring we have a service station available upon our entry and exit from Famagusta province.

Top quality fuel and modern facilities
Their commitment to quality is unwavering, offering high quality fuel. The recently renovated gas station space, which meets all European standards, has been designed with customer comfort and convenience in mind. Also, if you need an oil change they can help you.

Car wash and mini shop
EKO Ayia Napa (Nikiforou. Bros) prides itself on the fast and efficient car and bus wash it offers. In fact, we can sit in the mini shop area until our vehicle is cleaned, enjoying a coffee or a snack. The fairly large mini shop it has, in addition to snacks and coffee, is stocked with a variety of products that cover our needs.

Excellent service
The friendly and courteous team of EKO Ayia Napa is always at our disposal to serve us. Whether it is refuelling, car washing, or their mini shop, they will welcome us with a smile.

If you are next in or heading to Ayia Napa, visit EKO Ayia Napa (Nikiforou.Bros) and discover why it is more than just a petrol station.