Eat like your in Rome at this trattoria
Tuesday 14/05/2024

Eat like your in Rome at this trattoria

Taste the authentic flavours of Italy

Unlike a ristorante (restaurant), a trattoria is cosy and unpretentious, with simple food. Traditionally, trattorias are the closest thing to a fast food restaurant for Italians.

Zero Sei Trattoria in Limassol offers a culinary trip to Rome: A journey of pleasure in the full colours and aromas of Italian culture.

Here, authentic Italian recipes are served, wonderfully cooked with unique and rare Mediterranean ingredients.

La vita è bella in the centre of Limassol
This exceptional trattoria, which only opened in April 2024, in the central area of Limassol next to Enaerio, delights fans of Italian cuisine with its famous carbonara - and more.

The interior with rustic decoration of Zero sei Trattoria gives the feeling of a trip to some hidden trattoria in the streets of Rome.

Flavours with attitude and inspiration
The Italian owner, Fausto Soldini, got his recipes from his grandmother and the Italian culinary culture.

His menu is delicious and includes the most favourite Italian recipes infused with truffle, rosemary and pesto.

Al dente pasta, juicy meats, wonderful dishes and delicious desserts.

What to try at Zero Sei Trattoria
Start your culinary journey in Italy with the traditional supplì with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and Mozzarella calda with flakes and truffle sauce.

Continue by choosing some of the pasta dish options. Highlights include the famous Carbonara, the beloved Amatriciana and the delicious Cacio e Pepe.

If you prefer meat, they will prepare tagliata con rucola e parmigiano (Rib Eye with arugula and parmesan) or Carpaccio (row meat with arugula and parmesan) or amongst others that you will find on the menu of Zero Sei Trattoria.

Complete your trip with one of their desserts, such as the popular tiramisu and cannoli.

Every Sunday, Fausto Soldini and his talented team prepare authentic Italian Porchetta, a roll of roasted pork with the skin.

Explore its extensive menu and find other equally delicious options. Plus, very good prices.

Fausto Soldini will be there to welcome you with a big smile!

Please note that Zero Sei Trattoria is closed every Monday.

(25 586711) John F. Kennedy 1, Limassol 3106
Facebook: Zero Sei Trattoria Romana Limassol
Instagram: @zeroseicyprus

Eat like your in Rome at this trattoria

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