Giorti tou Voskou (The Annual Feast of the shepherd)

Giorti tou Voskou (The Annual Feast of the shepherd)

Sunday 07 July 2019

Pachna is considered to be the largest wine village in the Limassol district.

The main occupations of the inhabitants of Pachna are viticulture and livestock farming, which is why the village is considered as one of the largest vineyards in Cyprus.

The village is famous for its dairy products, grapes, wine, traditional zivania and good food at the beautiful traditional taverns.

This year's "Annual Feast of the Shepherd" will be held on Sunday 07.07.2019. Each year the festival attracts hundreds of people and highlights the tradition of the place in the production of quality dairy products but also the traditional customs and customs related to the life and activities of the breeders.

Free fresh, warm haloumi, anari and trachanas!

The program of activities includes:

  • Demonstration of cutting and milking sheep and goats.
  • Demonstration of the production of dairy products (haloumi, anari, trachanas).
  • Exhibition with traditional breeds of animals bred in the area - Tour with train in the streets of Pachna and the chapel of Agios Stefanos by bus.
  • Traditional dairy merchandise promotion - Presentation of traditional pastoral professions.
  • Exhibition of livestock objects and tools.
  • Demonstration of traditional professions.
  • Traditional dances program.
  • Cypriot feast with songs, dances and more.