Excursion to the foot of the Troodos

Excursion to the foot of the Troodos

Agios Therapon Limassol

Summer, summer, heat, heat come back in winter! Plaka Plaka are some of us who in the summer we are looking for roads escaping in the cool landscapes of our island. At the foot of the Troodos of Limassol, there are many villages that are not known to everyone. So what would you say to go to one of them? Prepare luggage, refuel petrol, wear your belt and ... We start!

Travel to the first village, the winegrowing village of Agios Therapon. Some of you know it and some do not, for us we know there are two well-known routes of Limassol - Platres and Kantou - Sounios. Agios Therapos is one of the semi-mountainous villages of Limassol province, located in the villages of Agios Amvrosios, Lofos, Kyvides and Vouni. The village took its name from the homonymous large church of the village, where it celebrates twice a year on 14 October and 27 May.

Agios Therapos is a picturesque, traditional village with stone houses, stone streets, green mountain slopes and the hills of the mountains are broken by the Kryos River where the bridge joins the first welcome at the entrance of the village. Here we stop listening to the sounds of the shattering of the leaves, the birds of the bells and the blooming water that flows beneath the bridge. Ahhh We Drought!

The village is a place for rest, tranquility and relaxation as the village has 150 permanent residents, there are the incoming cafes for a Cypriot cafe, the mini Market of the village and for dining at the restaurant of the village of Agios Therapos for delicious, traditional mezedes and for the children's entertainment the newly renovated park.

Sightseeing in the village is our great old church in the center of the village, the scattered churches of Agioi Sarandes, Agioi Theodoroi, Panagia Chrysospiliotissa, Agia Paraskevi and the chapel of Saint Therapoda. The traditional olive press where the so-called "Havouza" was recently inaugurated and the traditional fountain of the village.

Here we come to the end of today's tour, I hope you enjoyed our trip, to visit it soon and send me your comments.

Until next time Ci vendiamo!