Giota Nega performs songs by male performers

Giota Nega performs songs by male performers

At "Ravens Music Hall Limassol" on 31st of March

Giota Nega performs songs by male performers, on 31st of March at the "Ravens Music Hall Limassol".

One of the greatest modern popular performers, following the great success of her summer tour, returns this winter to perform a similar musical biography based on songs performed by male artists.

From Stelios Kazantzidis to Christos Thebaios, from Stratos Dionysiou to Alkinoos Ioannidis, and from Stavros Xarhakos to Nikos Papazoglou.

In a world "mapped" by men, Giota Nega plays with the big bet to "give them back as a gift" her own pure female signature, through a modern, unplugged folk sound of just three instruments. In this difficult encounter her necessary partners, are the songs of her personal discography, which make the connection of the time scales and declare the size of her popular interpretive today substance.

The doors open at 22.00 and tickets are pre-sold 18 euros.


  • Nikos Katsikis - bouzouki
  • Vasilis Ketenzoglou - guitar
  • Dasho Kurti - accordion
  • Sound: Vassilis Michaelides,
  • Program Editor: Margarita Mytilineou
  • Production Organization: STRAY MUSIC

Telephone: 99614100