Ayia Napa is not only about its nightlife

Ayia Napa is not only about its nightlife

It's a paradise on earth that you can discover with a Quad Bike or Buggy!

If you've visited Ayia Napa and think you've seen it all, then you should try the four-wheel drive experience and maybe you'll change your mind!

We are sure that it is worth trying this experience, and this is because the buggy gives you the possibility to tour both within the city and off-road, where you will see the most beautiful areas of Ayia Napa, in places where access by car is more difficult due to the rocky rocks.

For the adventure seeker, this is a great way to explore the city beyond its beaches, as you'll be taken on an off-road journey and discover hidden paths. Experience the amazing magic of the coastline with its rocks and caves, as well as the unspoilt countryside of the area around Ayia Napa and Protaras.

We have prepared a list of recommendation for you to visit with a Quad Bike or Buggy:

Sea Caves - "The palaces" of Ayia Napa 
These caves are called the "palaces" of Ayia Napa, because this majestic name signifies exactly the greatness of nature's creation. It is a characteristic formation that has been created by the action of the waves on the rocks over the centuries. The caves in question are located between the beach of Kermia and Akrotiri Cape Greko, carrying on their backs a huge geological and environmental value.

Cape Greko - Akrotiri
The majestic Cape Greko is one of Ayia Napa's busiest locations with nine nature trails perfect for exploring the area. Visiting Cape Greko with a buggy allows you to access the whole area quickly and smoothly. (Map)

The Natural Bridge of Koraka (Love Bridge)
A walk from the much-photographed Love Bridge, which if you don't know it, it's a good idea to find our about it. The bridge is located at a distance of one kilometre from the chapel of Agioi Anargyri and is a very picturesque towering natural bridge, a symbol for the entire Cape Greko peninsula. (Map)

We continue with the tour to the Cape Greko National Forest Park. Located on the south-east coast of Cyprus, Cape Greko is a protected area with hiking trails, rest areas, cliffs and sea views. We go both on and off road with a mix of dirt roads, trails and roads. You will feel the thrill as you ride along dirt roads with many amazing natural landmarks and sights to see on your tour as well as great photo spots. (Map)

One of the well-known paths of the National Forest Park, is the part of the European Long Distance Path E4, a 2 km long nature trail that passes the south-east coast of Cape Greko and is part of the Aphrodite Cultural Route just before you reach the sanctuary of Agios Anargyri. The small orthodox church is a characteristic point of the area and an ideal place for a rest stop, as you can enjoy the view from above or go down the stairs that connect the small church to the sea cave below for a short dip in the spot's deep blue waters. (Map)

Our last stop before returning our buggy back to Rainbow Rentals is Konnos Bay Viewpoint.
As you drive down to the beach you will find yourself amongst pine trees at a high enough point that allows you to view the sea all the way down. This beautiful beach with pine trees has the bluest sea and offers a total panoramic view that combines mountain and sea! You can enjoy the view from above or drive up to a point on the road, and from there a little further down on foot you will find yourself on the golden sand.

Ayia Napa is undeniably a paradise on earth! Ayia Napa may sometimes be heard of differently, but the city has much more to offer than its nightlife. The exotic beaches, blue waters, small chapels, sea caves and natural heritage are some of the things that differentiate it compared to the rest of the cities of Cyprus. A "misunderstood" area, which we definitely need to rediscover.

All this can be enjoyed better with a quad bike or buggy, since the time of movement and access become shorter, easier and simpler. It's definitely an adventure we should add to our experiences, since quite a few tourists seem to prefer the "easy" way with vehicles such as four-wheelers and buggies. For this reason, we recommend the best vehicle rental point that operates around the clock even in the winter months as it also gives you the option of online booking!

This is the family business Rainbow Rentals, which has been operating since 1983 until today, providing the largest range of rental vehicles in Ayia Napa!

Many of their customer have been using them for many years and this is because it offers the whole spectrum of rental options starting from children's bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, 200 types of motoring from small to large displacement motorcycles, four-wheel drive, latest generation buggies that you won't find anywhere else and a variety of rental cars that can meet your expectations.

All this can be seen virtually on the website www.rainbowrentalscy.com which also gives you the option of Online booking to ensure availability on the day of the rental before you start your tour of the area!

The owners are always kind and willing to suggest places ideal for an excursion depending on the type of vehicle you will be using and to direct you if you are not familiar with the area. There are great places to discover with the help of the map they will give you to guide you around the city. They will also give you a helmet that fits you best for the maximum safety they can provide.

We tested it out and took a ride around town and off-road, going all the way to Cape Greko, exploring the area's sea caves on our chosen buggy. The safety of the vehicle and the overall experience we had from the collection to the return of the rental we chose, absolutely confirm the quality of the services offered!

In the event of any breakdown, there is a high quality 24-hour service available.

A reliable choice that we highly recommend!

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Text by: Loukia Hadjilazarou.