Hidden in Protaras is an Irish Treasure worth visiting

Hidden in Protaras is an Irish Treasure worth visiting

A taste of Irish culture

We've discovered a destination that combines an authentic Irish atmosphere with the excitement of Protaras, making it one of our favourite dining and entertainment destinations.

We recently visited the Tipsy o'Turtle Irish Pub and can highly recommend it.

It's always full of people, which proves how popular it is with the local community and beyond.

When we first walked through the doors of Tipsy o'Turtle, we were met with people full of positive energy and good spirits. A very friendly and warm atmosphere. 

Tipsy o'Turtle's menu is impressive, covering every taste and preference for all hours of the day.

Breakfast here is an absolute must! The English Breakfast is offered with all the classic elements that make it authentic and rich in taste. If you want something light, the options in wraps, sandwiches, hot dogs and salads are equally interesting.

For meat lovers, burgers and meat dishes are guaranteed to satisfy your taste. While seafood lovers can enjoy traditional Fish & Chips and various others.

All of this is accompanied by a wide range of drinks covering everything from beers to cocktails.

One of the great things about Tipsy o'Turtle is the beautiful back garden, perfect for enjoying your food or drink. Especially on hot summer days, it is a paradise amongst the hectic pace of Protaras.

Tipsy o'Turtle also regularly organises Live Events which add another reason to visit, offering a unique experience you will never forget.

Overall, Tipsy o'Turtle Irish Pub in Protaras is a special and favourite destination for those looking for quality, fun and a welcoming atmosphere.

Definitely, it is a place that we strongly recommend you to visit with your friends and family.

(99866859) 13 Afroditis Street, Pernera
Facebook : Tipsy o'Turtle
Instagram: @tipsyturtle_pernera