The best memories are made gathered around the table
Thursday 23/05/2024

The best memories are made gathered around the table

Absolutely delicious Indian food & unique Indian recipes in the heart of Protaras!

Step into Indian cuisine and ignite your taste buds with an explosion of the most wonderful flavours. Authentic Indian food is a celebration of tastes, aromas & cooking traditions. Coming together and sharing food is an important part of the Indian culture.
If you think Indian food is just curry chicken or chicken korma, you are wrong. Indian cuisine is one of the richest in the world.

We searched, found and tried a restaurant that offers 100% unique Indian recipes in the heart of Protaras.

Since 1992, "The Raj Indian Restaurant" has been introducing the variety of authentic and delicious Indian dishes in a relaxing environment.

Their speciality dishes and tantalising recipes made with quality ingredients, combined with the ambience of their unique setting, offer the variety and service you need for any occasion.

The Raj Indian Restaurant welcomes parties of any type and have a great selection for kids and outdoor seating with breezy windows and a gorgeous view overlooking the Mediterranean sea of Protaras Bay!

They have won numerous awards over 3 decades, in fact this excellent restaurant boasts a TripAdvisor award.

We have tried Raj's cuisine and want to share our experience with you.

An extremely warm welcome, lovely ambience and absolutely amazing food.

The staff were friendly and the service was quick and efficient. Normally when you have this many people on one table, service can be slow, but not here.

With the knowledge of the staff, they were able to guide us through the menu and recommend dishes suited to our liking, some of us eating spicy curries & others preferring mild dishes. What stood out most for us were the dishes cooked in the traditional tandoori oven, including the deliciously tender chicken tikka and fluffy naan breads. The madras was nicely spiced and the korma mild and creamy. The butter chicken and mango tikka were the favourite dishes of the night. Everything we tried was truly delicious.

The drinks menu is varied, offering a good selection of wines, spirits, cocktails & beer, including draught kingfisher.

If you enjoy authentic Indian food, we highly recommend The Raj!

We highly recommend Raj Indian Restuarant as singularly one of the best Indian restaurants in Cyprus!

(+357 99033080) Next to Sunrise Hotel, Protaras, Cyprus 
Facebook: therajindian
Instagram: the_raj_indian_cy