Interview with Dr. Elena Aravidou

Interview with Dr. Elena Aravidou

Owner of the clinic Elena Aravidou Dental Surgeon in Pafos

Cyprus Alive spoke with Dr. Elena Aravidou owner of the clinic Elena Aravidou Dental Surgeon. Read the interview below to learn more about her services.

1. Doctor when was your clinic established?
In 2006 I founded my own clinic in Pafos.

2. What do you offer patients?
We offer dentistry to adults and children, with modern methods and machines as well as the latest technology materials from approved countries.

  • Patient examination - diagnosis
  • Intraoral X-ray
  • Out of hours emergency
  • Fluoride
  • Covering holes and fissures per tooth
  • Cleaning
  • Clogging of surfaces
  • Reconstitution
  • Endoradicular Axis
  • Teeth Whitening (per bar)
  • Whitening a dead tooth
  • Full acrylic upper or lower dentures
  • Full metal upper or lower dentures
  • Denture repair
  • Denture retreading
  • Precision link each
  • Porcelain crown with metal
  • Acrylic wreath
  • Porcelain crown with zirconia
  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Bone graft and membrane
  • Endodontic treatment of a single root tooth
  • Endodontic treatment of multi-rooted tooth
  • Simple tooth or root extraction
  • Surgical tooth or root extraction
  • Extraction of prisoner
  • Surgical exposure of the clinical molar of the tooth
  • Abscess opening
  • Acrorizectomy
  • Surgical implant placement
  • Prosthetic implant placement

3. Where can someone visit you?
At 33 Apostolou Pavlou Street, Apartment 104 in Pafos. (Next to the Zorbas Bakery).

4. What makes your practice stand out?
For me, my work is an art and I always try to offer the best result to my patients, without harming them, as I gave in my Hippocratic Oath.

5. How did the idea for opening the clinic in Pafos come about?
After graduating from Stavropol State Medical University in 2003, I recognised my diploma which was awarded to me in Thessaloniki in 2006, by the State Medical Academy of P. Savropol School of Dentistry (Russia) and then I decided to open my practice in Pafos.

6. Your vision?
To continue to offer my services to my patients for many years.

Thank you very much Mrs. Aravidou. We wish you all the best and we are sure that people will be very pleased with the whole range of services you offer.