Gains a place in the «Guinness book of Records»

What a beautiful day of entertainment and joy in this tiny village of Lageia set in the foothills of the Troodos mountain range! It was Easter Monday (“Δευτέρα της Λαμπρής” in Greek which literally means Monday of brightness). In Greek tradition the Easter period represents a balance of restraint and moderation during lent followed by fun and celebration at Easter. Easter Sunday is usually spent with family and Easter Monday out at events such as the one at Lageia with food, dancing and games to a general mood of merriment and mirth.

After the last traditional game, Tasos, our compere announced a competition in which everyone, or nearly everyone, would take part.


If some members of the Troika had found themselves there, I can imagine their discussion going something along these lines.

“Ah – these Greek Cypriots. We pile so much stress on them and here they are gathering together in the mountains and having fun. Don’t you think it is a bit excessive all this smiling and laughter and nice food. Over 350 people have come here today to enjoy themselves. Shouldn’t we be taxing them in some way?”


“My dear chap, how can we tax them? They are only paying twelve euros for their food and a whole day’s entertainment.”

“Ah. If only we could tax them on every smile, every laugh, just think how much money we would make.”

Tasos continued with his explanation of the goal to get Lageia village into the Guinness Book of Records as the village that brought together the greatest number of people ever into one dance. The people got up and danced and laughed and enjoyed – and they won their place in the Book, even if it was a joke.

Well done Lageia, well done the volunteers who put in so much work from their hearts to make it all happen and keep our traditions alive. Well done all those people who still know how to enjoy  a family day out with laughter, love and joy!


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