Moisturising cream: Necessary for men too

Moisturising cream: Necessary for men too

4 reasons that men should also moisturise their skin daily

Do you drink water daily? Then why not use moisturizing cream for your skin? Hydration is what water is for the body: it quenches, stimulates, nourishes. You may think you do not need it, but is your skin might be dry or dull? Regardless of your skin type, we all need hydration for our skin care routine, men and women. Most skin care tips are for women and most of the products are targeted at women's skin care, because from ancient times they always dealt with their beauty. But men must take care of their skin, starting with hydration, the most important need of the skin.

1) Your skin needs toning and moisturising
Your skin needs hydration to maintain its healthy appearance. Hydration of the face is more necessary when the heat more or when it gets too cold or even when the skin is exposed to dry air. Weather factors in combining poor nutrition and stress can create a dull and tired look. But with the proper moisturising of the epidermis it can be avoided. If you want your skin to be bright, not to "pull" or peel off, moisturise it with a face cream. Even if your skin is oily it needs hydration because it can be the most durable and does not "break", but the wrong care can dehydrate it.

2) Moisturising restores from wear and tear
Our skin is exposed daily to the sun, ambient pollutants, cigarette smoke and stress. Applying moisturiser to your skin can help repair the skin's damage in the evening. Low levels of adrenaline at night allow the body to regenerate cells faster by repairing the damage caused during the day. So the skin benefits at night with a moisturizing cream.

3) Moisturiser fights the signs of fatigue
There are many moisturisers that strengthen the capillaries and improve microcirculation and contain vitamins A, C and E, which strengthen the protective barrier of the epidermis. They also contribute to the production of collagen as well as antioxidant agents such as tannins and flavonoids.

4) Moisturising protects you from premature aging
Exhaust gas and cigarette smoke on the skin activate the free radicals responsible for oxidation, while the accumulated toxins destroy the cells. Thus, the skin dehydrates, becomes thicker and ages prematurely or shows dryness or greasiness, and becomes more sensitive. A moisturising cream that contains sunscreen filters and neutralizing free radicals can protect you from premature aging. Make sure you apply it to your throat as well as to your ears. The skin in these two spots grows faster than the rest of the face, while they are also more sensitive to solar radiation.