Parsata - Abandoned Cyprus village comes to life
Monday 11/04/2022

Parsata - Abandoned Cyprus village comes to life

A short distance from my village of Lageia lies the abandoned village of Parsata. Once upon a time the male inhabitants worked the copper mines at Kalavasos. Copper mining used to be a major industry for Cyprus. The Latin for copper is ‘Cyprum Aes’, meaning ‘Cyprus metal’.That is how important the mining of copper used to be. However, it is a finite resource and Kalavasos copper mines (like all Cyprus copper mines) eventually became exhausted. The miners no longer had work and the village was gradually abandoned. The odd kleftiko oven at the side of a derelict stone house leaves the hallmark of Greek culinary culture.

Only the little Church lives on, regularly maintained and cleaned, and oil for its oil lamp replenished. Goats from a home Halloumi business off the road to Choirokoitia often graze the green expanses, watched over by a goatherd and a sheep dog - or should I say a “goat dog”?

But this day was different. A  cauldron in front of some stone, one-time, homes wafted hot steam into the ether. “Where are the three witches?” I asked myself as my mind transported itself to Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. “What is this for?” I jested. “Are you making tea for everyone?” “One of the actors had to take a bath in this,” came the reply.

Around me preparations were being made for the next film shoot which was a night scene. I was struck by the diligence with which a support rail for a heavyweight camera was made even. A spirit level checked the progress of each wooden wedge that was tapped below the rail to make it exactly horizontal.

Alas, I was not allowed to be present at the actual filming, but eagerly await the release of the film which I look forward to watching. Hopefully, I will eventually receive some stills from the film company for a follow-up article.