Ride the Capital in two routes

Ride the Capital in two routes

Family route, Saturday 1 December & Expert Route Sunday, 2 December 2018

For the fourth consecutive year, the Nicosia Tourist Board is organising two exciting cycling events under the motto ‘Ride the Capital’. The aim of these events is for people of all ages and nationalities to get to know Nicosia, while exercising! 

Family route: Saturday, 1 December 2018
Starting point: Old Municipal Market, 17:00 
A unique free bike ride through the Old City of Nicosia. A licensed tour guide will enlighten the riders at selected stops at cultural and historical places of interest. “Cyclists Across Barriers” will operate the bike ride and offer three places for people with disabilities or limited mobility and one place on a tandem bike for a person with limited sight. 

Stops for sightseeing: 
• Old Power House 
• Omerye Mosque 
• Archbishopric-Pancyprian Gymnasium
• Pafos Gate
• Fairy Tale Museum (free entrance)
• Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum (Free Entrance)

Further information:
Bookings: http://www.visitnicosia.com.cy/family-route
Email: nicosia@ncci.org.cy
Tel: 22889600
Free transportation from other cities- Minimum number of people 10 (Reservation required)
Bring your own bike and helmet! 

3 Peaks (Madari, Papoutsa, Kionia) Challenge Expert Route: Sunday, 2 December 2018
Starting point: Metro Supermarket, Lakatamia, 07:30 
A challenging route for experienced cyclists on road bikes that takes you to the highest 3 peaks of the Nicosia district. The length of the route is around 106Km, with steep gradients and almost 3000 metres total climb. A minimum contribution of €20 is required for your participation and it includes a T-Shirt and lunch at a local restaurant.

Expert Route details:
7.30 Metro Supermarket, Lakatamia
• 1st Mountain Peak –MADARI- Estimated arrival time at 11.00
•Break time 30 minutes at Madari area (preferably at Handria village)
•Departure at 11.30hrs
2nd Mountain Peak – PAPOUTSA - Re-grouping at 12.00hrs at Papoutsa (10min break)-preparation for the big descend to Apliki
• 12.25 hrs regrouping at Apliki (road towards Farmakas)-
3rd Mountain Peak – KIONIA - Estimated arrival time at 14.10
• 14.10-14.40 Break time 30 minutes in Kionia picnik site. (In case of cold weather, the break will take place in another area which will be confirmed on the day. All participants will have to climb to Kionia first and then have a break)
• 14.40 preparations for the last part of the route from Kionia to KAPEDES
• Stop at Kapedes for lunch at 15:15. After lunch, a bus will take you and your bicycles back to Nicosia, so reserve your seat.

Further information:
Bookings and payment: http://www.visitnicosia.com.cy/3peaks-challenge
Email: nicosia@ncci.org.cy
Tel: 22889600
Participation fee is Euro 20 including a T-shirt and lunch
All net proceeds will go to: Σύνδεσμος Άπορων και Κακοποιημένων Παιδιών- Παιδικό Χαμόγελο
Free transportation from other cities- Minimum number of people 10 (Reservation required) 
Bring your own bike and helmet!

• All participating cyclists should be in adequate physical condition that would allow them to cycle the whole distance. It is a long demanding route with steep climbing gradients at various sections.
• A support car will escort the group and can carry the participants’ personal belongings. Participants can have access to their belongings at any time as long as it is safe to do so.
• The escort car will be at end of the group mostly, to scoop up those cyclists that are unable to keep up with the group’s pace. If for any reason you cannot keep up with rest of the group you MUST board the escort car (along with your bike) to be driven to the next stop where you can re-join the group.
• If for any reason a cyclist refuses to board the escort car will have to continue with the rest of the group to keep up with the timetable. 
• The timetable is approximate and will depend on the pace of the group and the weather conditions on the day.
• Break and regrouping duration times though will have to be followed very strictly.
• Hot beverages, cake, fruit and energy bars at every stop will be offered.
• A safety motorbike will follow the cyclists.
• The escort car will carry spare tires to be used by the participants if needed.
• Participants should be prepared for weather changes (rain, cold, winds) and high-altitude weather. 
• The organisers will be in contact with each and every one who applies.