Saint Christopher Chapel Anafotida

Saint Christopher Chapel Anafotida

We are located in Larnaca district and in the village of Anafotida in order to see up close a chapel dedicated to a great saint of Orthodoxy, Saint Christopher.

The chapel is built next to the cemetery of the village and according to the inscription above the main entrance it was built at the expense of Bishop Christoforos in May 1998. As we saw in the churchyard on a hill you can find the bishop's tomb with the background of his favorite Stavrovouni.

In the vicinity of the church there are many cypresses and many pots with beautiful flowers brought by the faithful to the grace of the Saint and beautify the chapel even more.

A stone fountain with a somewhat different appearance from those we have seen so far in the churches we have visited with an arch of flowers and a beautiful mosaic of the Virgin Mary give another note to the place.

The church is of a royal style, half stone-built and half a somewhat more modern building, roofed with a pergola. Unfortunately it was closed and we didn't have a chance to go inside to worship. But looking from the window we saw the distinct iconostasis with the Saints in their whole form and the beautiful portal adorned with round hagiographies that were visually a work of art .

How many chapels and temples are there in this blessed place? Every time it is a great joy when we discover new churches and Share our experiences with you because people whatever difficulty we face in our faith we resort.

Our Church honors Saint Christopher on May 9th and it is an opportunity for those who have never been before to visit this beautiful chapel and get to know the village of light Anafotida.