“Simou” is a community of the Pafos district!

“Simou” is a community of the Pafos district!

The village of Simos has two sides, the "Old Side and Modern Side"

“Simou” is a community of the Pafos province in Cyprus.

The village of Simou is located in the Pafos District, 15 kilometres southeast of Polis Chrysochous and 28 kilometres from the city of Pafos and it is built at an average altitude of 410 metres.

The village of Simou has two sides, the "Old Village" and "New Village", due to the fact that it grows fast. The "Old Village" is located west of the church of the community where the church of Panagia Chryseleousa dominates and consists mainly of houses built with stone of the area.

The "New Village" consists of new houses that were developed around the old village and the church. These new quarters consist of houses and villas built according to the standards of modern architecture.

A few minutes after the church of Agia Marina, the visitor meets a sign pointing to the river Scarfo's that supplies the dam of Eurytus. Below the river we can admire the famous Venetian bridge of Skarfou, which is one of the oldest monuments of Cyprus and many tourists and locals visit it daily.
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Simou experienced large fluctuations in its population. In the census of 2001 the inhabitants of Simou numbered 171.

Probably the village existed from the Byzantine years and its name comes from the name of Simon, one of the Apostles of Christ. It is still possible that the name of the village rescues a toponym with ancient Greek names.

There are indications that there was an archaeological site in the wider area of Simou. There were even a few objects from the prehistoric years.

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“Simou” is a community of the Pafos district!

The "Bridge of Skarfou", in Simou village!