The most famous festivals in Cyprus

The most famous festivals in Cyprus

This is how you can get to know the country from the inside and get to know the Cypriots better!

The most famous festivals in Cyprus.

We advise you to schedule your trip to the island to one of these events, because this is how you can get to know the country from the inside and get to know the Cypriots better.

Wine Festival (Limassol)

It is the most famous and popular festival event in Cyprus and takes place every year in the city park of Limassol.

Dates: the end of August – the first week of September. All events of this festival are held in the evening: from 19:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and until 23:30 on weekends.

This is a huge wine fair, where the products of wineries from all over the country are collected. You can taste all varieties of Cypriot wines and buy your favourite drink. Also, such traditional entertainments are held here: pressure of grapes with their feet, singing of folk songs, etc. At the festival they treat national dishes and show various creative performances.

How to get there: you can get to the park from Limassol by bus number 30, and from cities like Pafos, Larnaka, Nicosia and Ayia Napa – by free bus on Fri, Sat or Sun, which is provided by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.


Rose Festival (Agros)

In the village of Agros, there is a traditional production of rose petal goods, and there is a unique festival dedicated to this beautiful flower.

Dates: mid-May, Sat and Sun

At festival events, you will be able to participate in interesting seminars, try yourself as a rose petal collector, learn how to make rose products, learn the traditional crafts of Cyprus villages, try drinks and rose petal dishes, as well as go to music and dance shows.

How to get there: the village of Agros is in the Troodos mountains, where you can only get by car.


Anfestiria – Flower Festival

This is a festival honouring the beauty, diversity and majesty of the nature of Cyprus and its unique colours. The roots of the holiday go to ancient Greece, where they held ceremonial events in honour of the god of winemaking Dionysus.

Dates: May, first or second weekend of the month.

At this event, you can attend a flower exhibition and flower parade, buy a bouquet or seedlings at a fair, enjoy music and dancing.

Pharos International Chamber Music Festival (Nicosia)

This is one of the most important musical events in Cyprus, where connoisseurs of classical music gather from all over the country. The festival is traditionally held in the concert hall of The Shoe Factory  – about 2 thousand spectators come to the event.

Dates: May-June.

Street Life Festival (Limassol)

During this festival, the walls of Saripolou are filled with creativity! On the streets of the city there are crowds who want to admire street art or create a colourful masterpiece by themselves. Each year, about 10,000 participants come to the festival to enjoy graffiti, musical performances, painting, juggler shows and shopping at hand-made shops.

Dates: early May.

Medieval Festival (Ayia Napa)

This festival is arranged in the historical place of the city, near the mediaeval monastery.

Dates: beginning of October.

Guests of this event will be able to enjoy the play of actors of theatrical performances that unfold in the authentic atmosphere of a mediaeval monastery, attend concerts, try on the clothes of mediaeval residents, buy food at a stylised fair, attend workshops on various traditional Cypriot crafts, as well as visit mediaeval art exhibitions.

Strawberry Festival (Derynia)

The centre of this event is a delicious Cypriot strawberry. The participants of the event can taste the delicacies made from this berry, attend various concerts, and also buy mountains of strawberries. They arrange such an event in Cyprus twice a year.

Getting there: by bus No. 502 from Ayia Napa or Paralimni.

Pastel Festival (Anogira)

Pastel is a national Cypriot dessert, in honour of which a large-scale event is being held. On it you can learn how to cook this delicacy, taste it and other sweets, go on an excursion to a pastel museum or a concert.

Getting there: Anogyra is located at the foot of the Troodos, between the cities of Limassol and Pafos. You can only get there by car.

Water Festival (Larnaka)

During this festival, the Finikoudes embankment is filled with songs and crowds of guests. The plan of the event consists of music and folklore concerts, performances by local artists, as well as entertainment venues and concerts.

Dates: late spring – early summer, the day after the celebration of the Holy Trinity.

Beer Festivals (Nicosia, Limassol, Pafos)

These are fairs where all sorts of Cypriot beers are displayed. Here you can taste the drink and purchase. The festival is accompanied by various competitions, street entertainment and concerts.

Dates: August-October