Zakaki Marsh: Part II Cleanup

Zakaki Marsh: Part II Cleanup

Let's start bettering this world!

This is will be the second time they clean this place and it would be nice to join them for the second part of cleaning Zakaki Marsh!

They cleaned Zakaki Marsh in November and it was their biggest cleanup yet. They collected 160 bags full of trash and recyclable materials, 73 car tires, 3 couches, 1 toilet, and even 1 carton full of unused hunters shotgun cartridges and that wasn’t even half of what was still there. This is why they decided to do a Part II cleanup at Zakaki Marsh and they are inviting all of us to join them.

Meeting Point:  As you drive down to road leading to Lady's Mile Beach, you will find them on the right-hand side of the road after the bird hide. +

Map of the location can be found here 

Cleanup includes:

- Recycling/trash bags

- Refreshments

- Face masks (for those who prefer to wear)

- A truck (but please bring yours if you have one – – it would help a lot!)

- Garbage bins

- Garden & latex gloves, however, we recommend that you bring your own gloves if you can just in case we run out of your size (gloves that are a thicker material to prevent any potential injuries).

- First aid kit 


- To wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

- A jacket just in case of wind.

- For anyone with long hair, don’t forget to bring a hair tie.

- Bring your friends & family!

Saturday, April 20th

All volunteers MUST sign in prior to cleaning.

By participating at this cleanup you give your consent to use images (photographs or films) for yourself and any child taken during the clean-up action at Zakaki Marsh.

Let’s start bettering this world by respecting our environment, by cleaning it up and stop throwing trash!

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