30 life tips from Jorge Bucay to his daughter

30 life tips from Jorge Bucay to his daughter

Valuable tips from the famous psychotherapist

Jorge Bucay was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jorge Bucay has been a doctor and a very important psychotherapist at the Gestalt School. He specialised in the treatment of mental illness, initially working in hospitals and clinics, and lecturing in institutions, colleges, theaters as well as on radio and television stations.

Many books of the famous psychotherapist have been translated into many languages.

The famous writer and psychotherapist Jorge Bucay gave a letter of 30 valuable tips to his daughter. His words, extremely touching but above all true and comprehensible with immense substance and utility.

Below is the letter, which is worth reading:

"Before I die, my daughter, I want to be sure I teached you":

1. Enjoy love.

2. Have faith in your strength.

3. Face your fears.

4. Enjoy Life.

5. Ask for help when you need it.

6. Allow others to console you when you are down

7. Make your own decisions.

8. Defend your choices.

9. Be friend of yourself.

10. Do not be afraid to be ridiculed.

11. Know that you deserve to be loved.

12. Talk to others gently

13. Choose to either speak your mind or stay quiet which ever may fit best at the moment.

14. Take the credit for your achievements.

15. Love and take care of the little girl you hide inside you.

16. Do not depend on the approval of others.

17. Do not absorb everyone’s responsibilities.

18. Be conscious of your feelings and act accordingly

19. Do not follow applause but choose your own satisfaction.

20. Give because you want to give, not because you think it’s your obligation to give.

21. Demand to be fairly compensated for your hard work.

22. Accept your limitations without anger.

23. Do not impose your beliefs on others and do not allow others to impose their beliefs on you.

24. To say “yes” when you really want to and say “no” without guilt.

25. Live the present without expectations.

26. Risk more.

27. Accept change and review your beliefs.

28. Behave and demand to be treated with respect

29. Plan your future but live the moment.

30. Do not idolize anyone and especially not me.

I hope and wish that the famous psychotherapist has managed to stimulate and to sensitize many parents, perhaps you too, and to offer to many children beautiful life lessons, which will be used properly in the subsequent course of their life!