Cyprus Alive

Cyprus Alive

The Team Meets Again

It was May 2016 that we had our first meeting in Larnaka – there were less than a dozen of us who felt drawn to take part in this new project. I remember my first articles gained about 25 views. A few months later Mr. Shakallis, our founder said to me “My first milestone target is to have 1000 readers a day.” Last month we had nearly double that – over 50,000 readers. There are now over 50 of us writing on every conceivable subject relating to Cyprus.

A couple of times a year we have a delightful get-together for the team and families. This year we had a day out on the 7th Oct at the Camel Park in Mazotos and lunched at the restaurant there. These get-togethers give us the chance to meet up with other team members old and new. Amongst those attending was the highly prolific writer Stephanie Georgiou. New writer Julie Retsa from Thessalonica was there, Chrystalla Korkou from Pafos, Chrysi Lyra from Larnaka and Ioanna Onisiforou from Nicosia. We also had the opportunity of meeting two of our new sales managers.

Stephanie Georgiou (sitting in the middle) - one of the team's highly prolific writers.

We are already a significant Cyprus information site. “What will we have achieved by the time we have our next meeting?” I wonder.

With thanks to Mrs Maria Adamou for many of the photographs.