"Decameron" of Vokakios by "Theatre One", in Limassol, for 4 extra performances

"Decameron" of Vokakios by "Theatre One", in Limassol, for 4 extra performances

Directed by Minas Tigilis

After the great success that has recorded in the capital,  the "Decameron" of Vokakios, producted by theater "One", directed by Minas Tigilis, is coming to Limassol for 4 extra shows. Starting his tour in Limassol from May 17th, at 8.30 pm in Theater One (Limassol), will continue until May 20th.

Hypothesis: "Decameron" takes place on the Fiesole Hill, just outside of Florence, in the 1348 Salvation Year. Ten young men, seven girls and three boys, have escaped up there, in order to avoid the plague that was plaguing the city. Those bold stories that tell, ten every day, is not just a game that gets postponed from death. It is, in particular, a dialectical hymn to life, and as Petrahre first pointed out, a stunning style exercise, which was to become a reference point for Italian literature until the eighteenth century.

Vocakios represented life in an "earthy" way, away from mercenaries and lessons. The author reveals boldly the human passions, which will prompt many of his contemporaries to call it "devious" and "stupid". Even Vocakios rejoiced himself for his choise to publish it, although until then, the "Decameron" was already known at the end of medieval Europe as a model of Italian literature.


  • Theatrical Adaptation: Michalis Papadopoulos
  • Directed by Minas Tigilis
  • Costumes: Miranda Theodoridou
  • Sets: Michael Papadopoulos
  • Lighting Design: Andreas Christodoulides
  • Photos: Dimitris Vattis

Performances in Limassol:
17, 18, 19 and 20 May at 20:30 in the "Theater One" of Limassol (Castle area)
Reservations for Limassol at +357 99 395970

* The project is only suitable for people over 16 years old.