Wine routes

Wine routes

Wine tours in Cyprus

Wine is not a new story for Cyprus. Recent excavations carried out on the island have confirmed an impressive truth, that wine has been produced in this small corner of the earth for almost 5,500 years.

Wine Routes are undoubtedly the foundation of wine tourism, as this part of Cypriot countryside tourism is called. Wine tours are a fantastic opportunity to escape and get to know the Cypriot countryside and nature.

These are marked routes, which can be followed by wine lovers and other lovers of the countryside, with visits to vineyards, wineries, points of sale of wine and other local products.

There you can participate in a tasting, take a guided tour of the winery and gain a very good knowledge of viticulture and winemaking. However, apart from the points of interest based on wine, you will encounter points of archaeological interest, museums, churches, picturesque villages and hospitable people.

Wine Routes that cover the provinces of Limassol, Pafos, Nicosia and Larnaka.

They start through the city centres and cross almost the entire countryside of Cyprus, highlighting the regions that have a centuries-old history of producing excellent quality wine. All routes include areas that highlight the timeless importance of Cypriot wine in the various cultures that prevailed on the island from the Chalcolithic Period until today.

Cyprus has many and varied organised routes. The basic ones are 7, which you can follow as is or create your own. The wine routes are:

Streets of the Commandery (Limassol)
Wine route or otherwise a journey through history, since the commandaria is the most ancient and famous wine of the island. The route is located in the Kolossi area. On this route, you will have the opportunity to meet 4 wineries, get to know the renovated wine press of Lania, the Mediaeval Castle of Kolossi - or "La Grande Commanderie" (hence the commandery) and the Kouri dam, the largest in Cyprus.
This historic route passes through Limassol, Kolossi, Erimi, Monagri, Agios Georgios, Sylikos, Doros, Lania, Trimiklini, Agios Mamas, Kapileio, Zoopigi, Kalo Chorio, Agios Pavlos, Agios Konstantinos, Louvara, Gerasa and Apsio.

Diarizos Valley (Pafos)
This valley is located east of Pafos and is one of the lesser known routes. It is green with wonderful landscapes and amazing views. Simple, but incredibly rich, the route gives you the opportunity to visit two important wineries that put the area on the island's wine production map. This route stands out for the picturesque villages you will visit, as well as the unique experience from the bridge of Tzelefos.
This route passes through: Pafos, Achelia, Kouklia, Nikoklia, Choletria, Kelokedara, Salamiou, Mesana, Arminou, Filousa, Agios Nikolaos, Pretori, Kedares, Agios Georgios, Mamonia and Fasoula.

The wine villages of Limassol
The most famous route, since it brings together the most visited wineries, as the climate is considered ideal. The entire area is known as the wine village and for us it is the route that brings together the most points of interest. Nowhere else in Cyprus can you find such a large presence of wineries (16 wineries).
The villages are worth visiting, not only for their wineries, but also for their traditional architecture, cobbled narrow passages and pleasant surroundings.
This route passes through: Limassol, Kolossi, Erimi, Kandou, Souni-Zanakia, Pano Kyvides, Agios Ambrosios, Lofou, Vouni, Koilani, Pera Pedi, Mandria, Kato Platres, Omodos, Vasa, Malia, Arsos, Pachna, Anogyra and Avdimos.

Route Laonas – Akamas (Pafos)
On the north-western coasts of the island you will find windswept vineyards and you will taste Xynisteri, the native wine. In addition to the opportunity to visit the four wineries located here, the area offers a variety of traditional taverns, great views from above, intense natural beauty and the opportunity to visit the Akamas peninsula.
This route passes through: Pafos, Mesogi, Tsada, Stroubi, Kathika, Akourdaleia, Pano Arodes, Kato Arodes, Inia, Druseia, Poli Chrysochous and Pegeia.

Mountainous Larnaka – Nicosia route
Included in this route are 10 traditional villages of Cyprus, 3 wineries and picturesque museums of agrotourism and cultural interest, as well as workshops. Also in the village of Fikardou you will find one of the oldest presses of the island.
For historical reasons and not only, a visit to the Machairas Monastery will also stands out.
This route passes through: Nicosia, Skarinou, Lefkara, Kato Dry, Vavla, Ora, Odou, Farmaka, Gourri, Fikardou and Kalo Chorio.

The wine road in Pitsilia (Limassol)
A green route that leads to 2 of the most famous wineries of Cyprus in the village of Pelendri. This road is a cluster of 11 villages with classic local grape varieties.
This route passes through: Limassol, Trimiklini, Pelendri, Potamitissa, Dymes, Kyperounda, Chandria, Polystipo, Alona, Agro, Agios Ioannis and Agios Theodoros.

Route Panagia Mountain - Ampelitis (Pafos)
In the mountainous area of Pafos, you have the opportunity to experience special white wines in the 10 different wineries of the area that you will come across.
The route is characterised by the aromatic pine forests and the variety of flora.
This route passes through: Pafos, Mesogi, Tsada, Stroubi, Polemi, Psathi, Kannaviou, Asprogia, Panagia, Agia Moni Chrysorogiatissa, Stato-Agios Photios, Koilinia, Galataria, Pentalia, Amargeti, Eledio, Agia Varvara, Choulo, Lemona , Kourdaka, Letymbou, Kallepia and Achelia.

On these wine routes you will meet all the varieties of Cyprus. Xynisteri, cabernet sauvignon, commandaria, mataro, grenache and syrah, assyrtiko and malvasia aromatica are the main types of wines you will taste. Of course, depending on the route you choose, you will be able to get to know the varieties that each region specialises in.

Whichever route you choose, you will be intoxicated by the aromas, flavours and colours! Drink responsibly and happy wine tours!

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