Our dining adventure by the sea!
Monday 27/05/2024

Our dining adventure by the sea!

The ultimate seaside spot in Protaras

We had a magical experience as we relaxed on the blue tables of Nissia Bar & Grill, enjoying the view of the deep blue waters of Protaras.

This ultimate destination by the sea that combines summer dives, Mediterranean cuisine, unique cocktails and moments of true care-freeness.

The Cyprus Alive team visited Nissia Bar & Grill, tasted its cuisine and we believe it can be much more than just a summer destination.

First impression: An enchanting atmosphere
We went on a Sunday lunchtime and sat at one of the blue tables, with the deep blue waters of Protaras stretching out in front of us and the blue sky creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The place is small, but beautiful with nice music playing in the background and almost full with families, groups of friends and couples.

We couldn't stop looking at the blue sea and the beauty our island offers.

Nissia Bar & Grill is specifically designed to make the most of its location by the sea.

Flavours that stand out!
Nissia Bar & Grill's menu is extensive, with options to suit every taste.

Together and with the help of the service, we chose one of their most popular dishes and specialities: the fresh sea bass for two people.

While they prepared the sea bass, they served us village salad, fresh home-made potatoes and various starters: yogurt with beetroot, home-made tzatziki and white tarama.

Relatively soon, the sea bass arrived, coated with a flower of salt, which, as the person in charge informed us, it keeps the saltiness of the fish as it should and cooks it to perfection.

They cleaned it meticulously in front of us, enriching it at the end with a lemon and fresh oregano sauce and topped it with chopped parsley and onion.

The flavours were excellent and the portions generous. The fish in particular was much better than we imagined – juicy, soft and flavourful. We can say that it was one of the best we have eaten.

It seems that the staff know how to handle fish very well, and it is worth noting that we did not find a single bone.

If there's anything on the menu that we'll definitely try next time (because we definitely will), it's the grilled pork chop, the calamari and the slow-cooked kleftiko in a wood oven (served only on weekends).

Ideal location
Nissia Bar & Grill is located in one of the most beautiful locations of Protaras, with breathtaking views.

Specifically, in front of the beach of the Cavo Maris Beach Hotel.

Nestled in the enchanting area of ​​Nisia Beach, next to the famous Green Bay Beach, which in addition to its clear blue waters is known for its sea turtles and underwater museum with statues.

If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Protaras, then a visit to Nissia Bar & Grill is a must.

It will impress you with its unique location, quality food and enchanting atmosphere!

We look forward to sharing your culinary experience with us.

(99637625) Tasou Isaak 3, Protaras
Facebook: Nissia Bar & Grill