Honey and Beekeeping Festival
Thursday 30/05/2024

Honey and Beekeeping Festival

Experience a "honey-day" in Odou village in Larnaka!

For the 6th consecutive year, the Bee Villages of Mountainous Larnaka, are inviting people to the area, as they are preparing to honour this treasure of nature with the Honey and Beekeeping Festival. It is hosted at the most mountainous village of the bee villages in the region, in picturesque Odou!

The Festival returns once again, this year with many upgrades, and the organisers promise that visitors will spend a wonderful day of joy and fun dedicated exclusively to honey and its miraculous properties. Everyone visiting will learn about bees and honey, and at the same time they will be able to try a wide range of products based on honey and other bee products (pollen, royal jelly, wax, propolis).

Finally, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful village of Odou and discover its beauty and magic!

More than 25 exhibitors will be showcasing at the Festival, with Honey and honey products from all over Cyprus, there will be a selection of gastronomic delicacies, as well as beauty and wellness products made from honey.

The festival will start at 10:30 and throughout the day there will be workshops for children and adults, treasure hunting game, rich entertaining program with music and dances and of course lots of food!

Date: June 30, 2024
Location: Odou Village
Time: 10:30-18:00

Join them for a ‘sweet’ family getaway, at a beautiful village where you will spend unforgettable moments of fun and education.

"Bee there"...!

For more info contact:
Maria Solomonidou
Member of the festival team

SourceΦεστιβάλ Μελιού Ορεινής Λάρνακας