Five evenings in Cyprus

Five evenings in Cyprus

Second International Theatre Festival

Аn excellent cultural event awaits Russian-speaking residents of the beautiful island Cyprus: Second Theater Festival, the purpose of which is to strengthen and develop cultural ties between the English speaking countries, to enrich the cultural life of Cyprus and to introduce viewers new trends of theatre art.

Five delightful theatrical evenings await the audience: 


Satiriko Theatro
Grand opening of the Festival with People's Artist of Russia Alexander Kalyagin!
Beginning at 19:30.
Moldovan youth drama theatre "From Street of Rose"
"PADAM...PADAM..." (plastic drama about the life of Edith Piaf based on the play of Inna Grinspan)
Ticket price: € 20


Rialto Theatre
Beginning at 19:30.
Berlin music theatre "Cabaret Lori"
"So why you in a tailcoat?" (Opera-ballet on music by Sergey Nikitin and poetry of Dmitry Sukharev/ Based on Anton Chekhov's play "Marriage proposal")
Ticket price: € 25


Theatre Skala
Beginning at 19:30
Kostroma chamber drama theatre of B. I. Golodnitsky
"The General Inspector" (a Comedy based on the play of N. Gogol)
Ticket price: €20


Lykeio Kykkou Paphou B'
Beginning at 19:30.
Theatre ZOOM, Cyprus
"March" (dramedy based on the play of Irina Vaskovskaya)
Ticket price: €10


Rialto Theatre
The closing ceremony of the Festival and awarding with People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov!
Beginning at 19:00
Israeli youth theatre of Shaul Tiktiner.
"Marc Chagall. The last flight" (a poetic play by Z. Sagalov "Flight with angels").
Ticket price: € 25

In addition to the spectacular part of the Festival program includes: discussion of performances with participation of experts (theatre critics), exhibition, creative meetings with honorable guests of the Festival.

Honorary guests of the Festival: 

  • Alexander Kalyagin, Chairman of the Union of Theatre Figures of Russia, people's artist of Russia, artistic director of Moscow theatre “Et Cetera”.
  • Joseph Raihelgauz – people's artist of Russia, artistic director of Moscow theatre "School of modern play".
  • Dmitry Pevtsov - Russian theater and film actor, singer, teacher. People's artist of Russia, actor of Moscow theatre “Lencom”.
  • Olga Drozdova - Russian film director, people's artist of Russia, actress of Moscow theatre “Sovremennik”.
  • Armine Oganesian - theater critic, the Deputy Director on creative projects and work with the audience of the "Roman Viktyuk Theatre".
  • Irina Vaskovskaya - playwrighter, winner of the Grand Prix "competition of competitions 2013" in the framework of the project "New play".
  • Andreas Pantzis – Greek actor, artistic director, producer.
  • At the end of the Festival on the basis of voting of spectators the play-the winner will be awarded "The Prize of spectator sympathies".

Also, within the framework of the Second Theater Festival in Cyprus, a children's theater performance will be presented:


The Rialto Theater
Beginning at 12:00
Theater " Be silent and dance" (Izhevsk, Federation of Dances, Russia)
"Treasure Island" (a unique choreographic show)
Ticket price: € 25

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Five evenings in Cyprus

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