Housing the Environmental Information Centre of Aliki

Housing the Environmental Information Centre of Aliki

In the former leper colony

On January 22, 2020, a meeting was held at Larnaka Town Hall and they mentioned the possibility of housing the Environmental Information Centre of Aliki on the Roof of Ayios Charalambos, where the former leper colony was operating.

What this concept requires:

The original decision was to house the University of Cyprus on the former leper colony, which was eventually rejected. To make this decision, it is necessary to complete the Environmental Centre's plans and move the building from its original location.

Concept Information:

The Department of the Environment has been updating the original construction plans for 11 years when the Municipality of Larnaka expects a presentation in about 3 weeks after agreeing to meet in a month at that meeting. The Environmental Information Centre of the Aliki Larnaka’s complex has been operational since 2009 and has been delayed for economic reasons.

Information and Training for visitors:

The original concept provided for complete information and training of the full information about the environment to visitors of Aliki Larnaka. It also provides historical and cultural information about the Aliki’s complex consisting of the lakes Aliki, Orphani, Soros and the small lake of the airport.

What the Environmental Information Centre will include:

The Environmental Information Centre will include a reception area, a shop, a screening and lecture hall, exhibit rooms, an environmental education room, storage areas, the necessary hygiene areas for staff and the public, and a kitchen along with other functional areas.

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